DSE Risk Assessment

Ensuring that your employees are provided with an adequate workstation set up is a vital part of your health and safety management. Now that employees are working remotely in their millions, it might be time to review your Display Screen Equipment.

If you would like to review your Display Screen Equipment risk assessment, get in touch with our experienced consultants. Fill in the enquiry form or call us on 01708 555 544.

A DSE risk assessment is required for:

  • Office-based employees
  • Field-based employees
  • Remote workers
  • Hybrid workers (working from home and hot desking in the office).

Your Display Screen Equipment (DSE) risk assessment should cover:

  • Screen/s
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse or trackerball
  • Software
  • Furniture (desk, chair, phone)
  • Environment (lighting, ventilation, space, noise, temperature).