Competent Person

It’s a legal requirement for organisations to appoint a Competent Person to manage their health and safety. Any business that has an office or is responsible for the health, safety and welfare of employees, stakeholders or members of the public, must have a Competent Person in place.

About our Competent Person services

The Competent Person must have the necessary qualifications and relevant experience to take responsibility for the organisation’s health and safety compliance. This includes being up to date with the latest legislation, regularly reviewing, monitoring and updating health and safety policies and procedures.

Not all business need a full time health and safety employee, and this is where we come in. As health and safety consultants we can take on the role of Competent Person for your organisation. We work in partnership with you to provide a  flexible, cost-effective solution to your health and safety needs.

No. So long as you have a recognised Competent Person, that role does not have to be fulfilled in-house. You can work with an external consultant (like us) who can fulfil the duties of the Competent Person when required.

When you engage M.E.L. (Health & Safety ) Consultants to act as your Competent Person we will:

  • Provide health and safety advice by phone or email, whenever you need it
  • Review your existing health and safety policies and procedures to ensure that they are fit for purpose and compliant with current health and safety legislation
  • Provide a certificate stating that we are contracted to act as your Competent Person