Information bite 239: CSCS Smart Check App

The new CSCS Smart Check App rolls out in April 2022, and is set to radically improve the construction industry’s card checking procedures and site safety.

The Construction Leadership Council (CLC) stated “By 31 March 2022, all card schemes must use smart technology which has the capability to electronically check agreed information relevant to a cardholder, using a common interface, without the need to manually enter data.”

Following a detailed investigation into existing technologies of partner schemes and procurement process, the Delivery Group and selected supplier are in the final stages of testing on the new application, to be known as CSCS Smart Check.

The proposed App covers more than 2 million CSCS and partner scheme cards across all 38 CSCS Partner Schemes. The collaborative process represents a blueprint and exemplar for what can be achieved with a shared objective and willingness to raise standards and work together across a complex digital environment.

The new Smart Check App brings a range of benefits to the construction industry, such as:

  • promoting a competent and qualified workforce
  • reducing fraudulent CSCS cards
  • increasing access efficiency on site.

CSCS are hosting a number of webinars throughout March, to demo the new app. You can sign up on their website