Information bite 231: Harnessing the value of Social Sustainability (IOSH)

What does it mean to be a responsible, resilient and sustainable business?

It starts with people. ​​​​​​​Businesses need to look after their people to improve their social sustainability. The Covid-19 pandemic showed us just how valuable our workforce are. And businesses with stronger sustainability practices have greater operational performance and cash-flow (Cantele & Zardini, 2018).

So, it’s time to catch the wave with the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH), who are committed to driving social sustainability forward, with a global force of Occupational Health and Safety professionals to make sure change happens.

Be one of the first to read the IOSH report, Harnessing the power of social sustainability, and the associated white paper, Why occupational safety, health and wellbeing is a foundation of socially sustainable business.

Safer environments, better diversity, improved wellbeing and inclusivity are all Health and Safety issues and organisations simply can’t be sustainable without protecting their most important resource – their workers.

Don’t get left behind – join the global movement!