Infobite 250: Heat-Health Alerts as UK Temperatures Soar

Heat-health alerts have been issued this week as temperatures soar across the UK.

Is it too hot to work?

There is no law for maximum working temperature, or when it’s too hot to work.

In offices or similar environments, the temperature in workplaces must be reasonable.

Employers must stick to health and safety at work law, including:

  • keeping the temperature at a comfortable level, sometimes known as thermal comfort
  • providing clean and fresh air


Working safely in hot conditions

It is important to remember the risks of overheating when working in hot conditions, whether you are inside or outdoors. The HSE website has practical guidance on what you can do to manage the risks, including:

  • Information on factors that can lead to heat stress, and how to reduce the risk of it occurring
  • Managing outdoor working environments

How can we help?

We provide a comprehensive risk assessments for low and high-risk working environments. If you have questions about heat-health and working conditions, our health and safety consultants can help. Get in touch on 01708 555 544