Site Inspections

Construction sites can be one of the most dangerous workplaces in the world, so regular site inspections are vital to ensure that safety standards are up to scratch.

The high-risk nature means that inspectors from the Health and Safety Executive have the right to enter your premises unannounced. Arranging your own, regular site inspections means you are always prepared for a safety inspection.

A good site inspection will look at two things:

  • Your health and safety documentation, policies and procedures
  • The site itself

One of our consultants will, upon completion of the site inspection, give advice to the agent concerning any problems that have become apparent during the inspection and will also answer every question or query which may have risen since the previous visit.

A written report will then be produced and will identify any hazards, risks or shortfalls in the documentation.

The report will also suggest any control measures, which should be put in place, in order to improve safety standards on site and help achieve compliance with the law.

Reports are produced electronically and contain photographic evidence collected during the inspections. Reports are emailed directly to Directors and Managers within your organisation that are required by you to have them.

To discuss employing M.E.L. to inspect your construction sites please contact a member of our expert consultancy team now on 01708 555544.