Olympic Bridge

Client : Waagner Biro

The Central Park footbridge spans over the River Lea at the focal point of London’s Olympic Park, directly between the main stadium and the iconic aquatics centre.  After the Games the temporary bridge surface will be removed to create new links from the Olympic Park concourse level down to the river tow paths and Carpenters Lock, a 1930s historic structure on the River Lea owned by British Waterways. In its permanent form the crossing will consist of two parallel footbridges linked by a central walkway, a ‘Z’ shape structure clad in mirror-finish stainless steel.

M.E.L. continued to maintain a presence on the site of the English capital’s Olympic games, ensuring works were undertaken in accordance with the world renowned UK safety standards in areas heavily occupied by contractors of all disciplines.  We are immensely proud to have contributed to the remarkable redevelopment of Stratford, an area that will now be synonymous with the impressive 2012 Olympic spectacle.