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Training Plans

Training Plans

Training and Development Plans are designed to encourage employers to adopt and implement a structured approach to training and development by evaluating all the activities undertaken by the company.

The Training Plan will be based on your entire business training and development needs and can therefore include:

  • Training for all staff, not just construction staff.
  • Training in all subjects, not just construction-related subjects.
  • Training with a minimum of 30 minutes duration.

A Training Plan grant is available from the CITB if:

  • You have completed a Levy Return.
  • The plan has been submitted to the CITB and is approved during the CITB-ConstructionSkills Grants Scheme Year.
  • The training and development meets the definition of training within this grant.

There are two grants that can be claimed from the CITB:

  • A grant for producing the Training Plan (Grant B101) of £500 minimum.
  • A grant for each day’s training (Grant B102) of £25 per day.

M.E.L. can assist you in developing a training plan that will help you successfully apply for your CITB grant.  For more information please contact a member of our expert consultancy team on 01708 555544.