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Training Matrixes


Training Matrixes

An employee training matrix is a tool used by corporate trainers, human resource professionals and managers to keep track of a company or department's training needs. A training matrix can take many forms, and does not have a standard design.

A training matrix is a graph, chart or diagram that clearly shows what types of training are required for various departments or specific employees. A training matrix is purposely formatted for ease of reference, so a manager or trainer can refer to it and quickly find the necessary information without needing to sort through paragraphs of descriptive information. A training matrix is also useful for keeping track of what requirements have been met, if it is formatted in such a way that includes a checkbox or area where it can be noted that this area of training has been completed.

A training matrix is often designed as a Microsoft Excel document. Rows and columns are created with appropriate headers, such as Employee Names, Core Knowledge Area, Course Title, Training Dates and other useful information. The matrix may list every employee by name, or it may list departments within a company. Target dates for completion of training are often included, as well as a column to note when and if a training requirement has been fufilled.

What are the benefits?

A training matrix helps to organize information and makes it easy for human resources managers and other supervisors to maintain accurate information about a company's or department's training needs. Frequently, managers revamp the training matrix each year, and are able to add additional training requirements for areas that have been noted to need improvement. A training matrix can also be used for employee evaluations, if a manager needs to note a deficiency in meeting training requirements. In addition, a training matrix could be created as part of a corrective plan of action for an employee, outlining the new training requirements that need to be met by a target date.

The primary significance of a training matrix is its usefulness as a management tool. A matrix has the ability to convey a complex set of information in a very simplified format, and can reduce the need for lengthy management meetings.  If you would like to discuss developing a training matrix please contact a member of our expert consultancy team on 01708 555544.