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Tool Box Talks

Tool Box Talks

Communicating safety information to operatives on site is a problem that all contractors face.  Posters containing messages relating to health & safety can be seen plastered across the walls of site canteens nationwide, but how successful are they in warning site personnel?  Do people really take notice of their messages?

A superior means of providing information on safety issues to employees is through the use of 'Tool Box Talks', a short, informal, interactive training session where operatives can ask questions and discuss any issues that they may have.  These talks can prove to be a vital part of on-site safety management and help to ensure that all those engaged in the works are familiar with the role that they play in maintaining a safe working environment.

M.E.L. possess a wealth of experience in the construction industry and can talk to your employees on a level that is both understandable and relevant.  We remove the jargon from safety subjects and ensure that only the key facts are provided.  Talks can be provided on any number of subjects and , given the right facilities, our consultants can even use projection equipment to bring the talk to life with videos and images.

If you would like to discuss employing M.E.L. to provide Tool Box Talks on your site, please contact a member of our expert consultancy team on 01708 555544.  

We can also provide you with CITB booklets covering a range of topics to guide your own managers, supervisors and foremen in delivering their own Tool Box Talks.  If you would like one of these GT:700 booklets please call and request one today.