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Pre-Qualification Questionnaires

Pre-Qualification Questionnaires

The competition for the award of prestigious contracts has never been so fierce and, as such, companies like yours are seeking accreditation to a variety of schemes in order to gain the edge on their competitors at the tender stage.

Some pre-qualification questionnaires (or "PQQs") can be confusing to complete and feature reference to ambiguous, jargon-heavy terms that leave those with a limited knowledge of safety struggling to provide concise responses and supplementary evidence.  We can help in completing these questionnaires and identify areas where your company standards may not be adequate to achieve accreditation or receive the award of a contract.

PQQs may be encountered by businesses:
  • When applying to join accreditation schemes, such as Construction Line
  • When applying to join an approved/preferred supplier list
  • As the first stage in a restricted or negotiated tender process
In the third instance, the PQQ will be used to evaluate businesses against an evaluation framework with a clear-cut ‘pass’ and ‘fail’ mark. If the business scores above a certain level, they pass and are accepted onto the scheme.

When public sector organisations place advertisements for tenders and request expressions of interest, they may receive hundreds of responses. A PQQ is almost always used as a tool for short-listing these responses. The completion and evaluation of the PQQ is, therefore, the first step in the tender process.

In this case, whilst there is no ‘pass’ and ‘fail’ mark, only the top scoring businesses (perhaps only around half a dozen) will be invited to tender.  A similar situation usually applies in the compilation of approved / preferred supplier lists – only a pre-determined number of top scoring businesses are awarded a place on the list.

More than the required number of bidders are likely to meet the basic criteria of the PQQ and, therefore, score similar marks. Higher marks are likely to be awarded to businesses that demonstrate added value in the information they provided in their PQQ. You need to use the PQQ as a marketing tool!

With the assistance of M.E.L. you can greatly increase your chances of gaining accreditation or  being awarded a contract.  We have a great deal of experience in completing PQQs and will be happy to assist your company at your request.  If you wish to discuss this service further please contact a member of our expert consultancy team on 017078 555544.