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Noise Assessments

Noise Assessments

Noise is everywhere, you can’t escape it.   Every workplace in one form or another has noise, so how do you know if it is too loud and is likely to put your employees at risk?


M.E.L. can provide Noise Assessments by undertaking an electronic automated assessment of areas using the latest noise monitoring equipment which can then be interfaced with our computer system to produce a spectrogram computerised report.

The assessment range covers:

  • Product Noise Assessments
  • General Environmental Surveys
  • Noise Nuisance Measurements
  • Industrial Site Boundary Noise
  • Noise Dose / Exposure Measurements
  • Transportation Noise Surveys
  • Noise Control Analysis
  • Sound Power Assessment
  • Environmental Audits

If noise levels prove to exceed the action levels stated in the Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005 M.E.L. can help your business create a plan to reduce exposure to acceptable levels.  We will initially concentrate on reducing the output of noise and then consider how best to control the exposure to employees that remains once remedial actions are put in place.

For more information on how M.E.L. can help you control noise in your workplace, please contact one of our expert consultancy team.