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Manual Handling Assessments

Work-related musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), including manual handling injuries, are the most common type of occupational ill health in the UK and their prevention is a priority for HSC/E.
It is important to remember that:
  • Things can be done to prevent MSDs;
  • Preventative measures are cost-effective;
  • You cannot prevent all MSDs, so early reporting of symptoms, proper treatment and suitable rehabilitation is essential.
The Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992 (as amended) establish a clear hierarchy of measures for dealing with risks from manual handling.
These are:
  • Avoid hazardous manual handling operations so far as reasonably practicable;
  • Assess any hazardous manual handling operations that cannot be avoided; and
  • Reduce the risk of injury so far as reasonably practicable.

M.E.L. can undertake manual handling assessments at your premises using the HSE's MAC tool as a basis for determining the risk currently posed to your employees. Once an assessment has been made we will be able to suggest means through which your processes can be modified in order to minimise the potential for handling injuries to cause staff discomfort or lengthy absence.