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Legionella Testing

Legionella Testing

Wherever there is stored water in the built environment there is a possible risk from Legionella colonisation, therefore appropriate risk assessment and monitoring is required.   M.E.L. are able to provide a sampling and microbiological analysis service for a diverse range of premises.

Water samples from a variety of sources can be analysed for Legionella pneumophila, Escherichia coli, coliforms, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Total Viable Counts (TVC). With a fast turnaround of results and information presented in an easy-to-read format, our reports detail any recommendations where necessary and give advice on achieving compliance with the relevant water quality guidelines.

Under general health and safety law you have to consider the risks from Legionella that may affect your staff or members of the public and take suitable precautions.  This includes protecting your operatives and those who visit your premises from biological hazards such as legionella that may lead to legionellosis or Legionnaires' disease.

As an employer or a person in control of the premises (e.g. a landlord), you must:

  • Identify and assess sources of risk;
  • Prepare a scheme (or course of action) for preventing or controlling the risk;
  • Implement and manage the scheme - appointing a person to be managerially responsible, sometimes referred to as the ‘responsible person’;
  • Keep records and check that what has been done is effective.
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