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Expert Witnesses

Expert Witnesses

An expert witness is a person with particular expertise in a specialised scientific field such as engineering, whose high degree of skill, training and experience qualifies them as an ‘expert’ in their field.  A judge will allow him or her to testify in court and provide an independent opinion relevant to issues in a case.  This opinion will be deemed to be helpful to the jury in understanding and determining the facts.

M.E.L. offer expert comment and opinion on the causes of accidents, occupational ill-health and equipment failure, and on potential breaches of regulations and standards.  We have given expert testimony on more than 100 occasions in Magistrates Courts, Crown Courts, County Courts and High Courts in both England and Scotland.

We have investigated more than 2500 incidents of personal injury in a wide variety of occupational environments and places of leisure.  Our instructions are mainly from parties concerned with litigation and we report to Claimant’s representatives and Insurers in equal measure, increasingly as a Single Joint Expert.

Accidents at places of Work

Factories, Workshops, Construction sites, Depots, Warehouses, Chemical plants, Foundries, Power stations, Food processing plants, Off-shore platforms, Transport premises, Quarries, Docks, Farms, Offices, Ships, Military establishments, Railways, Airports, Shops, Tunnels, Industrial vehicles, Abattoirs, Mills.

Accidents at places of Leisure

Theme parks, Leisure centres, Playgrounds, Sports arenas, Swimming pools, Fairgrounds, Public houses, Restaurants, Entertainment venues, Highways, Places of public assembly, Exhibitions.

Equipment Failure

Laser cutting machine, Crop sprayer, Automatic warehousing system, Compressor, Factory sprinkler system, Water softeners, Uninterruptable power supply, Straw baler, Waste paper baler, Ship’s engine.

Occupational Ill-health

Asbestos conditions, Vibration injuries, Occupational asthma, Electric shock, RSI, Beat conditions, Fume & gas poisoning, Strains, Musculoskeletal disorders, Sick building syndrome.

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