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Events Risk Assessments

 Events Risk Assessments

The proposition of providing catering services or entertainment for a corporate event is a daunting one for most organisations.  Large numbers of revellers are invited to congregate in a venue that is often unfamiliar to them, service staff travel swiftly through the crowds carrying trays of glasses and alcohol is consumed rapidly by those in attendance.

The potential for accidents to occur in scenarios of this nature is undeniable and the consequences of poorly managed safety procedures could be disastrous without due consideration for emergencies.  A great number of hazards are encountered and all must be addressed and considered prior to the inception of the event; from a simple procedure for dealing with spillages to having individuals nominated and instructed to evacuate the premises in the event of an emergency.

As a company M.E.L. possesses a great deal of experience in preparing risk assessments for corporate events and can provide your organisation with expert analysis on the specific hazards that are likely to be encountered at each individual venue.  We have undertaken risk assessments in some prestiguous locations that include a catering service held within The Imperial War Museum and a corporate banquet evening at The Royal Courts of Justice (see below).

We can also provide training for your staff to help them carry out your own events risk assessments.  Our specialist courses will enable your managerial staff to formulate suitable and sufficient assessments and give them the confidence to review those provided to your company by those whose services you employ.

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