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Environmental Policies

Environmental Policies

An environmental policy is an agreed documented statement of a company's stance towards the environment in which it operates.  The policy is the corner stone of a company's intent to reduce its carbon footprint, improve recycling, reduce reliance on packaging, minimising waste, improve efficiencies on finite natural resources in all of the company's operations and all departments.


All environmental commitments should be an integral part of the day-to-day activities, clearly communicated to all employees.   They may also form part of an application for ISO 14001 certification or registration under the EMAS scheme.

What is the best structure?


 Any internal or external communication should be succinct and easily understood by the audience it is intended for and the environmental policy is no different.

Ideally it should be like a company mission statement in that it is set on one sheet of  A4 paper and contains the key commitments the policy undertakes.  All goals should be measurable, achievable, realistic and timebound (ie: we will do 'x' by 'y' date).


What should the Policy contain?


Although there is no legal requirement or standard structure for an environmental policy there are key areas that such a document should cover.   It should say what the key objectives that the company is following, who is accountable, how these are going to be achieved and by whom.


All current envirnmental issues can be covered with a detailed explanation of how each function of your business is managed.

These could be:


Stationery and supplies

Improved efficiency

Improve recycling/ minimise waste

Dealing with other like minded companies

Continuous improvement

Invested by all employees and suppliers

Preventing pollution


If you are interested in developing an Environmental Policy please contact one of our expert consultancy team now for more information.