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Environmental Audits

Environmental Audits

Customers and employers are increasingly considering green credentials when deciding which companies they want to do business with and where they want to work. Simple changes which make your business greener will motivate and inspire customers and staff alike, plus there are opportunities to improve efficiency and save money.

Auditing should be your first step when attempting to make your organisation more green, to examine what impact your organisation has on the environment and how you can reduce it.  M.E.L. gathers baseline auditing information and adds value by providing clients with recommendations for improvement. We outline the steps you can take to improve your company’s environmental performance.

We will work alongside your organisation to ensure our recommendations are realistic and actionable. This allows your organisation to take ownership of the improvement plan internally.
M.E.L. also audit how information is communicated through your organisation, and any communication materials you produce around green issues.  We can then assess the attitudes of your staff, identifying the barriers that stop them being more environmentally friendly at work.

If you are working towards implementing an environmental management system our audit approach will complement it, plus our recommendations will be geared towards continuous improvement.  If you would to arrange an Environmenal Audit please contact a member of our expert consultancy team on 01708 555544.