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Educational Facility Audits

Educational Facility Audits

The safety of young children in educational facilities is of paramount importance to M.E.L.’s health and safety team. School buildings must be inspected to ensure that they comply with all applicable Regulations including those governing fire evacuation, the provision of a safe working environment and the assessment of risk in relation to the activity of young children.


Although a school would initially seem like a safe environment for staff and pupils to conduct their daily activities, inspections of previous sites have often identified that major hazards are overlooked and dangerous practices perpetuated throughout the premises.

Machine workshops, science laboratories and art rooms are all areas of education that utilise materials and processes considered to be dangerous in the working environment, even when control measures are installed and task specific training is provided. The impetuous and spontaneous nature of children’s behaviour when in an inherently high-risk classroom creates the need for specialist mediation in order to protect and preserve the safety of both pupils and members of staff alike.


Our inspection specialists and auditors will quickly be able to determine the areas and working practices that require immediate alteration to prevent accidents and maintain the health and safety of all those who frequent your school.  We can also provide risk assessments for school activities and facilities as required by the Management of Health & Safety at Work (Amendment) Regulations 2006, with consideration for the spontaneous and unpredictable behaviour of young students.


M.E.L. (Health & Safety) Consultants Limited can provide you with the advice and assistance needed to improve the standards of health, safety and welfare in your school; without causing undue disturbance to its regular activities.