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ISO 9001 Audits

ISO 9001 Audits

All management systems require auditing to ensure that procedures are being followed and standards are being upheld. The only way worthwhile improvements can be planned is by understanding where your company has been, where you are now, and where you are planning to go.


Think of it as a simple road map with a three point reference. To collect and compile applicable data your company, large or small, must plan, perform, and report properly an internal audit of your management system.

After a meeting to review the audit plan our auditor can then commence sampling your management system, examining objective evidence of how well your system is helping managers and process teams to meet the requirements of customers, products and processes.  Our lead auditor can then report on their conclusions through analysis of the objective evidence collected.


This internal process will reveal areas that require improvement, worker training needs and overall production control enhancements.  Maintenance of this internal audit system is a key factor in ensuring that the efficiencies established during the entire process are not just retained, but improved upon.  For more information please contact a member of our expert consultancy team on 01708 555544.