MEL Health and Safety Consultants

The Shard

Client : Seele

The newly completed Shard is now the tallest building in Western Europe, its crystalline fa├žade transforms the London skyline and is visible from almost anywhere in the city.  The mixed-use 1,016 feet high "vertical town" contains high-quality offices, world-renowned restaurants, a five star Shangri-La hotel, exclusive residential apartments and the capital's highest viewing gallery offering 360┬░ vistas.  Well-connected and comprehensively serviced by central London's transport infrastructure, facilities and amenities, the Shard an icon for the progressive nature of 21st century Britain.

The hazards associated with working on such high level construction projects are extremely apparent, many operatives engaged in the project had never conducted works at the altitude they encountered way above the Southwark streets.  With the assitance of M.E.L. Seele were able to provide the principal contractor with a characteristically assured and professional service, adding another spectacular monument to their portfolio whilst adhering strictly to the relevant statutory provisions that govern construction activities in the UK.