MEL Health and Safety Consultants

The Tate Modern 'Shibboleth' Exhibition

Client : The Tate Modern

Doris Salcedo’s Shibboleth was the first work to intervene directly in the fabric of the Turbine Hall. Rather than fill this iconic space with a conventional sculpture or installation, Salcedo created a subterranean chasm that stretches the entire length of the Hall. 

By making the floor the principal focus of her project, Salcedo dramatically shifted the perception of the Turbine Hall’s architecture, subtly subverting its claims to monumentality and grandeur. Shibboleth asked questions about the interaction of sculpture and space, about architecture and the values it enshrines, and about the shaky ideological foundations on which Western notions of modernity are built.

M.E.L. worked closely with the principal contractor throughout the installation of the exhibition, allowing the Columbian artist to realise her vision whilst ensuring her team adhered to the working requirements of UK health and safety law.