MEL Health and Safety Consultants

London Aquatic Centre

Client : Seele

The spectacular aquatic centre is currently playing host to the underwater competitions of the Olympic Games, a focal point of the competition seen by millions around the world.  Fabrication and supply of both the steel-and-glass and the aluminium-and-glass fa├žades for the interior and exterior areas of the Aquatic Centre were the responsibility of Seele, a specialist in work of this nature and a highly valued client of M.E.L. Health & Safety Consultants Ltd. 

The design called for many demanding details, one in particular being the all-glass vestibule in the centre of the gently inward-sloping entrance fa├žade.  Despite their weight of 150kg, its 3m high sliding doors glide smoothly alongside the glass of the fa├žade itself, a design feature installed faultlessly in collaboration with our safety consultants and the project's principal contractor.  Hot water flows through all the steel hollow sections of the external fa├žades to prevent condensation forming on the glass, the glazing is also covered with a pattern of ceramic screen-printed black dots to ensure that the interior is bathed in pleasant sunshine but without unpleasant glare. The high U-value requirements for indoor swimming pools called for numerous custom solutions, specific works that required specialist attention with regards to the identification and control of unusual risks.