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  Injury: struck by falling Lyte Hipod 1200 Podium steps

There was an RIDDOR reportable accident on another principal contractor’s project on Wednesday, 2nd March, where the IP suffered a broken leg having fallen off a podium. The podium in use was a Lyte ladders Hipod 1200 hired in from One Stop.

The IP did not lock the two wheels that remained in contact with the surface (the rear wheels not working when in an upright position) or engage the safety latch (black bar between ladder and podium body on photo below).

The IP climbed the ladder to check if the platform was at the right height for the work to be undertaken. As he was climbing down, he leant back holding the vertical rails (thereby pulling them toward himself), and as the wheels were not locked and the safety latch was not engaged, the podium collapsed on top of the IP. The IPs leg was caught between the rungs of the ladder and the levering action of the podium caused the injury.

The podium itself has not been found to be faulty.

As you will see this incident / accident resulted from the

incorrect use of podiums and could easily be avoided if the

Podium Steps had been erected and used correctly. With

this in mind we should ensure our contractors:

• Complete a review of the podiums being used on site and

that they are fully complete, erected correctly and scafftagged,

 • Ensure that operatives are suitably trained and understand

the correct erection and use of the podiums they are

provided with,

 • Ensure the contractors undertake a suitable TBT / briefing to

all those using podiums on this project.

Information Bite 162
March 2016