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New Hazardous Waste Regulations

Hazardous Waste Codes Affect Wider Range of Producers

The new Hazardous Waste Regulations 2005 were implemented on the 16th July 2005 – removing the old Special Waste Regulations 1996.


The two main changes are that hazardous waste producers will be required to pre-register before any hazardous waste can be collected for their premises and the Regulations apply the European Waste Catalogue codes of hazardous wastes that will affect a much wider range of producers.


The other main points include:


It will be an offence for hazardous waste to be collected from any construction site that has not been registered.


The Regulations will implement, through the List of Wastes (England) Regulations 2005, the European Waste Catalogue list of Hazardous wastes for the purpose of collection.


Each site producing hazardous waste has to have a separate registration although multiple sites can be registered on the same notification. Therefore, a head office could register all its sites centrally, but each site would have a separate unique registration number and require a separate fee.


The charges for premises notification are:  


(a) £28 for each premises notified in writing;

(b) £23 for each premises notified by telephone; and

(c) £18 for each premises notified in electronic form.


Domestic waste is excluded from the Hazardous Waste Regulations on collection from the domestic property, but is then subjected to the Regulations if it is separately collected of if it consists of asbestos. 


The Regulations ban the mixing of hazardous waste and state that it must be stored separately on site.


Registration as a Hazardous Waste producer places a statutory duty on the Environment Agency to inspect the site where the hazardous waste arises.

The following website links will allow you to ascertain whether or not your company is producing any hazardous waste listed in the European Waste Catalogue, and if so, will provide guidance and instructions as to the most suitable means of notifying the Environmental Agency.