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National Asbestos Campaign

Tradesmen at Particular Risk to Exposure

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has announced it is to launch a new national asbestos campaign in October 2008, targeting tradesmen at particular risk from asbestos exposure.


During October and November 2008, the HSE, in partnership with key stakeholders, will target tradesmen who remain at risk from asbestos materials and consequent asbestos-related diseases (eg lung cancer, mesothelioma and pleural plaques), building on the success of a previous pilot campaign in the North West.


The primary aim of the campaign will be to raise awareness amongst tradesmen that they are more at risk than they think from asbestos. It will also encourage tradesmen to find out more about asbestos and the precautions they should be taking.


The campaign will comprise:

  • national radio adverts 
  • adverts in the national press 
  • the distribution of campaign material to tradesmen 
  • case studies being developed nationally 
  • public relations activity, including the use of case studies 
  • articles in trade press magazines.

The programme will launch on 13th October 2008.