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Major Contractors Back Health & Safety Training

Major Contractors Group Insists on Additional Training for Supervisors

The body representing the UK’s largest construction companies has announced that all supervisors on their sites must attend ConstructionSkills’ Supervisors Safety Training Scheme as part of a commitment to health and safety training.


The Major Contractors Group (MCG) made the move following a review identifying Supervisor Health and Safety training as an operational priority.


It is estimated that, as a result of this commitment to a safer workforce, thousands of supervisors will receive health and safety training from sector skills council ConstructionSkills by 2010. It is intended that MCG companies will lead the drive to ensure that all supervisors achieve the SSP qualification by this date.


Those who have already achieved this qualification will be exempt until the renewal date, which is five years after certification, following which they will be required to renew the qualification.


The two-day Site Supervisors’ Safety Training Scheme (SSSTS), which is part of the ConstructionSkills’ Site Safety Plus (SSP) suite of courses, provides an introduction to health and safety, welfare and environmental issues. It is designed for those requiring an understanding of the current legislation that applies to them and their work activities.


After the initial two-year period, MCG will implement a “zero tolerance” policy for those without this qualification on MCG sites, effective from 1 January 2010.


Vaughan Burnand, Chief Executive of Shepherd Construction and Chairman of the MCG Health & Safety Group, said: “By working together MCG members have made a tremendous contribution to improving conditions on site and in reducing the incidence of accidents and work related ill health.”


He noted that the course had been designed not only to refresh health and safety knowledge but also to enhance supervisors' skills in intervention techniques, managing behavioural change and communication.