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Company Drivers "Unaware" of Vehicle Smoking Ban

£1000 Fines Faced for Failure to Display a No-Smoking Sign

With the smoking ban now in force in England, there is still some confusion over its effect on vehicles used for work.


A new survey has shown that van drivers are largely oblivious of the new rules; Vans united ( found that 46% of drivers knew nothing about the rules regarding commercial vehicles. The research was carried out among 1879 van drivers.


Only 4% knew that they could face a fine of £1000 for failing to display no-smoking signs in their vehicles. A total of 49% said that they had been given no information from their employer about the law. Around 32% of van driver’s smoke and almost all of these smoked in their vehicle. A total of 40% allowed colleagues to smoke in the vehicle.


Vans united Manager, Duncan Colman, said: “More communication on the impact of the smoking ban is needed. It would be unfair to anyone who falls foul of a law they knew nothing about if they are fined heavily.”


Many drivers do not realise that the ban outlaws smoking in affected vehicles at all times, not just when they are being used for business. There is also confusion about the use of private cars for business and some private cars will be included in the ban. It is clear that companies need to issue clear guidance on the ban and its effects on their drivers.