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Construction Skills - More Than Doubles Certain Grants

On 13th December 2012 the CITB-ConstructionSkills Board approved an increase in the daily attendance grant for Training and Development Plans taken out between 1st August 2012 and 31st July 2013, from the original £22.50 agreed for the 2012/2013 Grants Scheme year to £50 per person for each full training day completed. This grant is paid in installments throughout the year.

The increase in grant is a bid to kick start training within construction and to encourage employers of all sizes to engage in training and upskilling their workforce.

Training and Development Plans are designed to encourage employers to adopt and implement a structured approach to training and development by evaluating all the activities undertaken by a company. Plans should conform to the Principles of Sound Training.

Your Plan should be based on your entire business training and development needs and can therefore include:

  • training for all staff, not just construction staff
  • training in subjects that are relevant to your business, not just construction-related subjects
  • training with a minimum of 3 hours duration

There are various criteria which must be met for Training and Development Plan grant to be available:

  • you must have completed a 2012 Levy Return
  • your Plan needs to be submitted to us and approved within strict deadlines throughout the Grants Scheme year
  • your Plan needs to meet the definition of training and the criteria set down within these rules
  • your Plan must show that some training will take place

More details can be found on the ConstructionSkills website

Info Bite No. 108
January 2013