MEL Health and Safety Consultants

What We Do

Current legislation requires employers to assess the risks to their employees and others who may be affected by their undertakings.  Employers must then eliminate the risk or reduce it to an acceptable level. In order to do this it is a legal requirement that every employer appoints one or more persons to assist them in compliance with Heath and Safety Legislation.
Ignorance is not a defence!

At M.E.L. (Health & Safety) Consultants Limited we pride ourselves in offering a full range of Health and Safety services to a broad base of Clients, with particular expertise in the construction industry.

Assorted organisations employ the services of M.E.L. and there are various reasons for doing so, the most common being:

1. An organisation may be too small to employ a competent employee to deal with general Health and Safety matters and external guidance and assistance is required;

2. Knowledge may be deficient in a specific area, therefore we act as specialists e.g. a pharmaceutical company may require Health and Safety advice as construction work is being undertaken on their premises and their ‘in house’ team are familiar only with pharmaceutical related Safety and Health; or

3. An organisation is large, has its own safety department but requires an external consultant in order for an independent opinion to be obtained e.g. for auditing purposes, or purely as support for a busy department.

Despite The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and the introduction of a multitude of British and European Safety legislation, accidents are still occurring far too regularly in workplaces throughout the country. Some companies still believe that Health and Safety is a non-productive element, and as a result, will allocate monies sparingly. However, in a competitive market place it is those companies that recognise the true underlying costs of accidents (e.g. bad publicity, down time, civil and criminal litigation etc.) that develop, expand, and attract new contracts and clients. A company with a good moral standing will always attract the most conscientious and productive employees.

Our professional and friendly staff at M.E.L. can provide a valuable extension to your own management team, safe-guarding your interests and providing quality solutions to the problems faced when attempting to develop safe systems of work. We have a reputation for promptly producing effective results at a realistic cost, helping to pass on a wealth of experience to our clients.

Companies that are aiming for continuous improvement in safety management acquire and retain the services of M.E.L.